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'I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with a glorious purpose'

Kneel before me
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friendly reminder that the reason peter quill never opened the gift from his mother and carried it with him all those years was because when she gave it to him she told him not to open it until after she was gone and he could not bring himself to open it because that would mean admitting that she was really dead

you shut your mouth

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If you don’t have Iron Man cutting your blog in half then you’re automatically a member of hydra

#well shit i dont want to be a member of hydra 

*whispers* hail hydra
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reblog this with the stupidest photo of pete wentz you can find



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Baby going through tunnel

probably thought his entire existence ended

nerdy moment: babies at that age don’t have object permanence. if the object cannot be seen, it does not exist. image how freaked the fuck out you would be if suddenly everything went black - effectively ceasing to exist. the baby’s entire world vanished then came back.
so yeah. he probably did think his entire existence ended.

It’s not nerdy. It’s called child development.
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"My father and I used to tussle about me becoming an actor. He’s from strong, Presbyterian Scottish working-class stock, and he used to sit me down and say, ‘You know, 99 percent of actors are out of work. You’ve been educated, so why do you want to spend your life pretending to be someone else when you could be your own man?’"
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